Asus unveils new ROG Strix XG27WCS gaming monitor
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With 27-inch VA panel, 1440p resolution, and 180Hz refresh rate

Asus has unveiled yet another ROG Strix series gaming monitor, the 27-inch ROG Strix XG27WCS, featuring a curved VA panel with 1440p resolution and 180Hz refresh rate.

Alienware unveils new QD-OLED gaming monitors at CES 2024
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32-inch 240Hz 4K AW3225QF and 27-inch 360Hz 1440p AW2725DF

In addition to new and redesigned laptops, Alienware launched two new QD-OLED gaming monitors at the CES 2024 show in Las Vegas, including the 32-inch 240Hz AW3225QF and the 27-inch 360Hz AW2725DF.

MSI offically announces its own gaming handheld called the Claw at CES 2024
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With up to Intel Core Ultra 155H CPU

As rumored earlier, MSI has unveiled its new MSI Claw gaming held powered by Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, claiming the world's first gaming handheld with such a CPU.

Samsung's 2nd Gen 55-inch Odyssey Ark now available at Newegg
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$2,999.99 for this Mini-LED curved gaming screen

Samsung's 2nd generation 55-inch Oddysey Ark Gaming monitor has been announced recently, and it is now available at Newegg, for a cool $2,999.99.

Netflix tests on-stream gaming on more devices
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Not just iOS and Android

Netflix is officially bringing its games to more devices. So far, the company's library of games has only been available on iOS and Android.

Cloud gaming still tricky
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Tuesday, 06 June 2023 10:33

Cloud gaming still tricky

Warns Sony 

Sony's chief executive has warned that cloud gaming is still technically "very tricky," playing down the risk to the console maker of the industry quickly converting to a technology on which its rival Microsoft has invested shedloads of cash.

Microsoft admits update hurts gaming performance
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Will be fixed one of these days 

Software King of the World Microsoft has admitted that its Windows 11 22H2 update is causing game performance issues for some users.  It will pause the update for affected devices until a fix is ready.

Cloud gaming still pretty rubbish admits Microsoft
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Half baked

While the world+dog has been banging on about cloud gaming as if it was the next big thing, Microsoft says that the technology is still half baked and needs another few minutes in the oven.

Gigabyte also jumps on the Intel Arc train
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Thursday, 20 October 2022 14:02

Gigabyte also jumps on the Intel Arc train

Starts with custom Arc A380/A310 cards

Following the likes of ASRock, ASUS, MSI, and other partners, Gigabyte is now joining the Intel Arc party, and according to a few leaked EEC filings, we will see at least five SKUs, based on A380 and A310 GPUs.

French say “non” to filthy English gaming jargon
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Take your nasty roast-beef eating language from our sight

French officials have taken time from their busy schedule of bringing racial harmony and economic well being to France to tackling the curse of English video game jargon.