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US start-ups give a Chinese AI efforts a leg up
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Apparently the government has not told them this is a bad idea 

US institutional investors are indirectly financing a rash of Chinese AI startups aspiring to be China's answer to OpenAI.

Asus unveils the new ROG RTX 2080 Ti Matrix
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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 13:54

Asus unveils the new ROG RTX 2080 Ti Matrix

Featuring new Infinity Loop cooler

Asus has announced its latest Matrix series graphics card, the Asus ROG RTX 2080 Ti Matrix pushing the graphics card design to a whole new level, by integrating a full AIO liquid cooling system on a card.

Asus shows three new custom GTX 980 Ti graphics cards
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ROG Matrix, Poseidon Platinum and Gold Edition

During its press event, Asus has unveiled three new high-end custom Geforce GTX 980 Ti graphics cards, the Republic of Gamers GTX 980 Ti Matrix, the hybrid-cooled GTX 980 Ti Poseidon Platinum and the 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980 Ti.


Factory-overclock, custom, Republic of Gamers GTX 980


Revised HD 7970 Matrix