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Microsoft is doing as well as can be expected
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But chip shortage hurt hardware

Software King of the World Microsoft reported some stonking fourth-quarter results thanks mostly to the antics of its cloud operations.  But all was less rosy in its hardware section which was down 20 percent due to supply constraints.

Microsoft acquires CloudKnox
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Thursday, 22 July 2021 10:32

Microsoft acquires CloudKnox

Expanding security business

Software King of the World Microsoft has written a check for a cloud security start-up CloudKnox.

Microsoft has its own Linux distribution.
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And it has proudly shown it off

The days when Microsoft CEO, the shy and retiring Steve Ballmer, called Linux cancer on the software industry, are really dead and buried – Vole now has its own Linux distribution which it is even telling people about.

Microsoft gives workers $1,500 coronavirus bonus
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It was a bad year but our profits rose 38 percent

Microsoft is to give its non-executive staff a $1,500 bonus for their work during the pandemic.

Microsoft kills the blue screen of death
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I see a blue door and I want to paint it black

 Microsoft is changing its famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to black in Windows 11.

Microsoft shareholders demand easier to repair products
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Shareholder resolution

Microsoft shareholders have filed a resolution demanding the company consider making its products easier to repair.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution coming to Xbox
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Valve also adds it to DOTA 2

It appears that AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) will be coming to Xbox consoles as it is has already been made available to preview in Xbox GDK.

Microsoft worth $2 trillion
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Wednesday, 23 June 2021 10:52

Microsoft worth $2 trillion

So, you didn’t need to be an evil empire after all

While Microsoft might have floundered around for years being an evil empire, it appears that it is only after it stopped playing monopoly that it made some serious money.

Microsoft fights back against Window 11 leak
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Takedown notices fly

Microsoft has begun fighting back against leaked copies of Windows 11 which are out there in the big wide world.

Google-paid politician angry that Microsoft is not a bad guy
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Wants Vole dragged into antitrust hot water

Republican politician Jim Jordan, who takes home lots of campaign funds from Google is apparently furious that Microsoft does not appear to be involved in any antitrust hot water.