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Microsoft pimps Office with AI
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Friday, 17 March 2023 11:03

Microsoft pimps Office with AI

Now managers can outsource creating boring Powerpoint presentations 

Software King of the World, Microsoft launched its AI for Work initiatives yesterday and showed off a way of applying artificial intelligence to automate the creation of PowerPoint presentations which are traditionally penned in purple prose and management speak by a boss who believes they are the greatest writer in the world. 

AI pretends to be blind to fool CAPTCHA
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Friday, 17 March 2023 10:35

AI pretends to be blind to fool CAPTCHA

Will look forward to the day it can beat two-factor ID

GPT-4 convinced a human that it was blind in order to get said human to solve a CAPTCHA for the chatbot.

UK invests £900 million in a new supercomputer
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After Brexit UK fears falling behind in the AI race 

The UK, which once had an Empire and a favoured status in Europe, is having to invest in its own supercomputer as it fears falling behind the rest of the world in artificial intelligence.

YouTube sees surge in AI backed info stealing content
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It installs Vidar, RedLine and Raccoon

YouTube has seen a recent surge in the number of videos containing harmful links to infostealers Vidar, RedLine, and Raccoon in their descriptions.

Microsoft fires those responsible for its AI ethics
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After all, when your terminator is just being put on the market you don't need humans to tell it what to do

Software King of the World Microsoft has shown that it has its priorities right -- while it introduces the world to its new AI-powered Bing, it fires the people who are responsible for making sure that its AI does not take over the world. 

You saw the crescent, but Samsung faked the whole of the moon
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A real conspiracy theory 

Never mind faked moon landings, the latest conspiracy theory is that Samsung faked the entire moon, using AI.

Grammarly launching a generative AI feature
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Brainstorm ideas, compose writing, edit and personalise text

AI-based writing assistant Grammarly is launching a generative AI feature.

Japanese boffins us AI to create images from brainwaves
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High-resolution using stable diffusion

Japanese boffins at Osaka University have enlisted AI to reconstruct accurate, high-resolution images from humans’ brain activity generated while looking at images in front of them.

Boffins improve AI for robots
Published in PC Hardware
Wednesday, 08 March 2023 11:35

Boffins improve AI for robots

PaLM-E improves Robotic vision and language

AI researchers from Google and the Technical University of Berlin unveiled PaLM-E, a multimodal embodied visual-language model (VLM) with 562 billion parameters that integrates vision and language for robotic control.

UK House of Lords investigates AI killing drones
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Kills peasants without you having to wake up... sorry that is pheasants

The UK House of Lords is investigating the use of AI-powered killing drones for the military.