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China will invade Taiwan to control TSMC
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Wednesday, 08 June 2022 10:30

China will invade Taiwan to control TSMC

If the West imposses sanctions

Chief economist for the China Center for International Economic Exchanges Chen Wenling has suggested that if the West brings in sanctions against China the country will invade Taiwan to obtain control of TSMC.

Amazon pulling Kindle bookstore out of China
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As of June 30, 2023

Amazon has decided to completely end its digital book business in China.

Russia looks to China to replace Intel and AMD
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Match the Chinese tires on our military trucks

Tsar Putin has decided he does not need Intel and AMD when he can use Chinese chips which are just as fast and reliable as those decadent western chips, which are probably made by homosexuals.

Alibaba Cloud porting Android to RISC-V
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Unable for the US to stop it

Alibaba Cloud has advanced its work to port Android to the RISC-V in a move which will stop the US from preventing China getting its paws on US tech.

Electronic companies abandoning Covid 19 ravaged China
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More than 30 Taiwan companies can’t cope with government measures  

More than 30 Taiwan companies, many making electronics parts, said that government COVID-19 control measures in eastern China had led them to suspend production until at least next week.

Apple might return to China to make new and happy memories
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Price is important

Fruit and nutty cargo cult Apple is thinking to go to China for memory chips in iPhones, after a key Japanese partner had an output disruption.

China spending $150 billion to upgrade on semiconductor production
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Only a matter of time

The Chinese government has been spending over $150 billion by 2030.

China exports more electric cars than anyone else
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500,000 electric cars in 2021

China is now the world’s biggest exporter of electric cars.

US attempts to crack down on spying turned out to be just racism
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Let's get the Chinese brainboxes they must be spies

The US Justice Department is giving up on its controversial China Initiative which was supposed to crack down on foreign spying but was just a cover to target Chinese academics and tech researchers.

Cambodia discovers there is a hole in its Great Wall Internet plans
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Someone forgot to buy the gear

Redfaced Cambodian government officials slammed the brakes on a plan to build a great firewall similar to China because someone forgot to order the right gear.