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Windows licenses cost only €12 in CDKoffers!
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Sponsored: Global marketplace for all types of keys

Windows licenses are usually expensive. For example, for an original license of Microsoft's "Windows 10 Pro" in the official Microsoft store 199.99€ payable. A cheaper alternative is the key marketplace . Here you can save on licenses for software or games properly!

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Permanent Authorized Key Super Deals
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Only For $12.60

Windows licenses are usually expensive. for example, for an original license from Microsoft windows 10 PRO "in the official Microsoft store 259 euros.

Qualcomm discusses iris, retina verification for mobiles
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4G and 5G summit: Iris, retina or facial recognition as a key

Qualcomm's Sy Choundhury, Senior Director of Product Management, talked to the media audience in Hong Kong at the 4G and 5G summit about the security mechanisms and machine learning capabilities of Snapdragon processors. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 10:17

PS3 root key already equals piracy


Screenshot shows that it is possible to do
Friday, 03 December 2010 11:51

Ransomware is back after two years

GpCode rereleased

Sticks malware in your machine