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Roaming in EU is dead and works great
Published in Mobiles
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 10:16

Roaming in EU is dead and works great

First hand experience

It took EU and its legislators years to get rid of roaming charges and today, we can say that EU is one of the biggest mobile markets in the world connecting close to 512 million people. 

Vodafone drops roaming charges
Published in News
Wednesday, 12 April 2017 11:15

Vodafone drops roaming charges

All roads lead to roam

Vodafone has dropped roaming charges and will allow its punters to use your bundled minutes, texts and data in 40 countries without paying more.

Friday, 04 April 2014 11:33

EU orders the scrapping of roaming fees

Sets up net neutrality rules

Thursday, 09 December 2010 11:49

The EU finds mobile roaming fees too high


Wherever you may roam