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Replacement for thermal grease

by on20 April 2007



Review: Cool Laboratories Liquid MetalPad


We have
already introduced you to CoolLaboratories MetalPad in our preview, and here you can read an in-depth crash test of the thermal conducting film.


 The film is a 38x38mm square, less than a millimetre thick. When applying to most of modern CPUs no modifications should be made to the pad, but when it comes to GPUs and graphical memory, you will have to cut the pad.

In our review we used three Metalpads to cover the CPU, GPU and graphics memory. We were interested how easily the film could be applied to the chips. Also, we wanted to find out how long does the burn-in process take, and in the end – evaluate the thermal performance of the film.  


For this test we have cut a stock AMD cooler into smaller pieces. These smaller coolers will be placed on top of graphics memory chips. 


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