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MSI hits 1333 MHz FSB

by on28 April 2007


Preview: Overclocking the MSI P6N-SLI Platinum

We are
still playing with the MSI P6N-SLI Platinum motherboard and we showed you the first part here.

First we were interested if the board will support the FSB 1333 (333.33MHz for real) as stated. You can select this without changing any voltages on the chipset or FSB. We increased the CPU Vcore by +0.200V to make sure the CPU won't be the limiting factor.

Booting went without any issues even when the BIOS warned that "This CPU only supports 266.67MHz FSB". You have to watch the chipset temperatures closely. Without proper chipset cooling the board will crash, because the Northbridge hits the 60°C mark.

Make sure you have a top blower CPU-Cooler and either use the added 4cm fan for the Northbridge or a proper case-cooling. The 4cm fan is incredibly loud and therefore we can't recommend its usage.

The good news is that FSB 1333 or 333.33 MHz works very well and we are about to move to faster frequencies. But doesn't 3333.4 MHz with an FSB at 333.33 MHz look cool? More soon.



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