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Cooler Master HAF 912 and HAF 912 Plus previewed

by on07 September 2010


Honey I shrunk the HAF series

Cooler Master, the company that surely needs no introduction, yesterday announced HAF 912 Plus and HAF 912 computer cases, currently the smallest models in HAF series. Size cut is not the only cut in this case though, and the pricing followed suit - HAF 912 vanilla version starts at $59 whereas HAF 912 Plus goes for $79. Cooler Master did a pretty good job in balancing size, cooling, room and pricing, making these interesting choices for those who find larger HAF cases too pricey or simply too large. 


HAF stands for High Air Flow and Cooler Master made sure that the cases pack decent airflow, despite the size. HAF 912 Plus comes with two fans – a 200mm front fan with a LED lamp and a 120mm fan on the rear panel. Unlike its “costly” brother, the more affordable HAF 912 comes with a 120mm fan on the front. 

hat’s not all, however, as HAF 912 series offers optional 200mm fan on the top panel, 120/140mm fan on the side panel or room on the top panel for an external radiator for water cooling strapped with two 120mm. Front panels and the PSU are both protected by dust filters.



Although we’re looking at a relatively small case, simple internal reshuffling will allow users to house largest graphics cards such as Radeon HD 5970. All you need to do is take off a piece of 3.5" bracket and we’re talking about a really “big” little case. 


Standard configurations of both cases allow for four 5.25 inch drives, six 3.5 inch and two 2.5 inch ones. One 5.25 inch drive bay can quickly become a 3.5’’ inch bay with the provided bracket while 3.5’’-to-2.5’’ bracket allows for additional 2.5’’ drives.

Cable management is something that may even outshine the more expensive HAF cases. There is 16mm of space between the rear panel and the frame and the motherboard tray has enough holes for any cabling you might need. Furthermore, you’ll find plenty of notches for cable management.


The “Plus” in HAF 912 Plus stands for black interior and an e-SATA port on the front I/O panel.


Stay tuned as we’ll have the full review up soon.

Last modified on 24 September 2010
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