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Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 2666MHz memory review

by on02 January 2017


Results – Sandra Lite 2016

SiSoftware Sandra 2016 is a highly popular utility that includes benchmarking and diagnostic features for many PC hardware interfaces, including CPUs, GPUs, memory subsystems, storage subsystems and virtual machines, along with Internet and LAN metrics.

kingston hyperx predator ddr4 2666mhz sandra 2016 benchmark

kingston hyperx predator ddr4 2666mhz sandra 2016 latency benchmark

In this test, the memory scored 45.82GB/s in aggregate performance, 44.82GB/s in integer bandwidth and 46.85GB/s in float memory bandwidth. On the other hand, latency at DDR4 2666MHz is 21.5ns, which would put this kit towards the top of Passmark’s memory latency chart.

Results – PCMark 8

Futuremark's latest PCMark 8 application is an industry standard way of testing popular productivity applications from Microsoft Word to Adobe Reader. We ran the Home test, which measures baseline performance for common task-intensive workload situations including photo editing, gaming, web browsing, writing and video chat.

kingston hyperx predator ddr4 2666mhz pcmark8 results

With the test run in Home Accelerated mode, our machine scored 4,941 points running at DDR4 2666MHz, making this XMP setting a good choice for typical office workloads.

Results – Passmark PerformanceTest 9

PerformanceTest 9 is an objective PC benchmark that allows users and reviewers to make independent measurements on CPU operations, 2D and 3D graphics, disk subsystems and memory performance. For our review, we ran the Memory Mark test, which measures Database Operations, Memory Read Cached and Uncached, Memory Write, Available RAM, Memory Latency and Memory Threaded performance.

kingston hyperx predator ddr4 2666mhz passmark 9 results

Our 16GB (4 x 4GB) configuration produced a score of 2,891, which puts this kit in the database’s 96th percentile. This is higher than the world average of 1,587, yet lower than the highest score of 4,197.

Results – MaxxMEM2

MaxxMEM Preview is a useful utility developed by Mustafa Bicak that measures memory subsystem bandwidth by using an aggressive data prefetching algorithm over several passes. The goal is to deliver theoretical bandwidth for both read and write operations.

kingston hyperx predator ddr4 2666mhz maxmemm2 results

In this test, the Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 2666MHz CL13 memory kit averages 23.85GB/s in copy performance, 17.9GB/s in read performance, and 19.87GB/s in write performance. Memory latency for this test is 150ns, while the overall memory score is 18.89GB/s.

MaxxMEM Multi is a second benchmark from the same developer that contains a multi-threaded way of measuring bandwidth by running three simultaneous threads. Each thread is split into three subcategories including a stream-based thread, MMX-based thread, and an SSE instruction-based thread.

kingston hyperx predator ddr4 2666mhz maxmemm2 multi results

In this test, the memory kit averages 30.77GB/s, with an average gain of 89.6 percent while running three simultaneous threads over running just one.

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