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British create a new spy agency to take down Chinese hackers
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Reports to MI5

The British government is setting up a new agency whose aim will be to combat "Chinese cyber spies and other threats".

UK wants WhatsApp to open a backdoor with federal services
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Companies should take “more active role” combating criminal violence, hate messages

In the ongoing battle between state governments and national security agencies to ascribe regulations for encrypted IP-based communications, the UK government has now asked WhatsApp to open its encryption to security services in the world effort to combat off-grid cyberterrorism efforts.

Xiaomi Mi5 lives up to flagship expectations
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Review: Snapdragon 820 on a budget

Xiaomi’s new flagship is late to the party. The Mi4 launched in 2014, and the Chinese brand did not bother launching a successor in 2015. Why? Because it didn’t have a proper processor to build it around. The Mi4 was based on the Snapdragon 801, so with the Mi5, Xiaomi skipped a year, and a CPU generation.

Xiaomi Mi5 launches on February 24
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016 09:08

Xiaomi Mi5 launches on February 24

Snapdragon 820 to launch after Chinese New Year

A lot of people expected to see Qualcomm's Xiaomi Mi5 launching in late January or early February but apparently this will happen later than expected.


And talks up security legislation