Mobvoi TicWatch with Snapdragon W5+ Gen1 coming
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Better battery life

Mobvoi made its name with powerfully designed watches and dual display technology in the high-end, enabling good 72-hour smartwatch battery life.

Mobvoi shows TicWatch GTH Pro focused on health
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Arterial health in focus

Mobvoi, a company that brought some impressive smartwatches to the market, has announced a new health-oriented smartwatch, the TicWatch GTH Pro. The new smartwatch, or rather health tracker, is a result of collaboration with CardieX, a health tech company with a rather good track record.

How to get 4 days on a TicWatch Pro 3 GPS / Ultra
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Scheduled essential overnight is the key

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and, most recently, TicWatch 3 GPS Ultra have shaken up the Wear OS market due to its skillful dual-screen design that can offer multi-day use. My biggest issue for giving up a Wear OS a few years back was the battery life. Devices such as LG Watch Sport could barely last throughout the workday, but this was more than four years ago.

Mobvoi Ticwatch C2+ (Plus) ticks most of the boxes
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Review: Stylish and affordable smartwatch with a few kinks

The Mobvoi Ticwatch C2+ comes as an incremental update to the Ticwatch C2, leaving it with the Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC, but doubling the RAM and giving it a few noticeable upgrades that made it very appealing on a rather crowded smartwatch market.