Sapphire working on Radeon RX 6950 XT Toxic Limited Edition
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All-in-One liquid cooled version

With AMD working on the Radeon RX 6x50 series refresh, it was just a matter of time before some versions are spotted online, and the flagship Sapphire RX 6950 XT Toxic Limited Edition was spotted listed in Italy.

Tsar Putin orders glorious Russian supercomputer
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Made with invincible and advanced Russian chips based on proven technology

Terrified that ordering invasions of other countries might prevent his country getting its paws on technology, Tsar Putin has ordered that a supercomputer be built around Russian-made Elbrus processors.

AMD releases Software Adrenalin Edition 22.4.1
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Brings support for Unreal Engine 5

AMD has released AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 22.4.1 graphics driver, bringing support for Unreal Engine 5 as well as fixing some issues seen with the previous driver updates.

AMD confirms Windows 11 drivers mess with Ryzen
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Not sure when it will be fixed 

AMD has confirmed that Radeon graphics drivers are messing up CPU-specific settings inside the firmware of its Ryzen chips.

AMD buys Pensando
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05 April 2022

AMD buys Pensando

All your fully programmable processor designs are ours

AMD has written a cheque for Pensando, which designs programmable processors.

AMD Radeon RX 6x50 lineup smiles for camera
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RDNA 2 refresh possibly launching on May 10th

AMD's upcoming RDNA 2 refresh Radeon RX 6x50 series graphics cards have been pictured and should be launching on May 10th, according to fresh rumors.

AMD not interested in big.LITTLE
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Or Little and Large

AMD's Robert Hallock, Director of Technical Marketing at the company has ruled out AMD copying Intel’s big.LITTLE designs saying he was content with the regular approach of only stacking large cores.

Raphael could descend soon
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And the trumpet shall be blown, so all those that are in the heavens and all those that are in the earth shall swoon

AMD's CPUs codenamed “Raphael” will be mass produced next month, according to AMD leaker Greymon55.

GPU sells for under MSRP in Germany
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What next, a Brazilian planting a tree?

In a move that the GPU shortage might finally becoming to an end, a Radeon RX 6500 XT has been selling in Germany at a price which is 35 per cent less than MSRP.

More evidence that M1 Ultra can’t match real GPUs
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Two to three years behind Nvidia and AMD

The fruity and nutty cargo cult Apple’s claims that it has created a chip with a GPU which can match the best on the market is proving to be about as fake as Putin’s claim to be winning the Ukraine war.