Apple loses another chip expert
Published in PC Hardware

It just can’t keep them

While the Tame Apple Press claims that Jobs’ Mob is about to replace Intel as the world’s top chip maker, the fruity cargo cult can’t keep experienced personnel.

AMD part of Amazon’s High-Performance Computing
Published in Graphics

EC2 Hpc6a Instances for HPC Workloads

AMD’s new EPYC chips are behind Amazon’s EC2 Hpc6a Instance Optimised High-Performance Computing (HPC) product.

Google shows off car unlocking
Published in Mobiles

With your phone

Google used the annual CES technology conference to showcase upcoming deeper ties among its devices and preview support for unlocking more cars with Android phones.

Alexa why am I so bored with you?
Published in AI

Most users only want a brief encounter

Amazon’s AI Alexa seems doomed to never have a proper relationship.

Big Tech losing staff to Crypto
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They wanna be rich

Big Tech is losing executives and engineers to chase Crypto which is being seen as a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Amazon’s cloud can’t get a break
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Another outage

Amazon’s cloud suffered yet another outage and killed off several apps and websites, including those of streaming service Hulu, office messaging app Slack and Epic Games.

Cloud is starting to break the internet
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I canna hold her captain

Increasing dependence on cloud structures are starting to hurt the internet infrastructure, according to NBC news.

Amazon fined $1.28 billion for abuse of market dominance
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Expect an appeal

Italy's antitrust watchdog has fined Amazon 1.13 billion euro ($1.28 billion) for alleged abuse of market dominance, in one of the biggest penalties imposed on a US tech giant in Europe.

Amazon announces AWS Private 5G
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For those wanting to use 5G to build private network

Amazon has announced the preview of “AWS Private 5G,” which is a new service that aims to make it easy to deploy and manage your own private 5G network.

Congress members stunned by Amazon privacy moves
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Apparently the company has been “lobbying” politicians

Five members of Congress called for federal consumer-privacy legislation after a Reuters report published last Friday revealed how Amazon has led an under-the-radar campaign to gut privacy protections in 25 states while amassing a valuable trove of personal data on American consumers.