Amazon to deliver test satellite to run internet
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If you are out when we deliver we will hide them behind the bins 

Amazon is getting ready to launch two test satellites for its Project Kuiper satellite internet constellation, built to compete with services like SpaceX Starlink and OneWeb.

Developers not going to be replaced by AI yet
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Amazon says it is science fantasy

Fears that developers jobs be taken by machines have been dismissed by Amazon big wig Vasi Philomin.

Amazon turns off solar panels after units catch fire
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Apollo not impressed 

A string of recent fires at Amazon fulfillment centers and other facilities forced the e-commerce giant to shut down rooftop solar panels which appear to have experienced the wrath of the god of plagues and the sun.

Amazon faces anti-trust investigation
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Robot take-over take down

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating Amazon’s plans to acquire robot vacuum maker iRobot and the 1Life healthcare company behind One Medical.

Amazon forced to take down reviews of Lord of the Rings
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White Americans object to black hobbits

Online streaming service Amazon is reportedly putting a three-day delay on user reviews for all of its content on Prime Video, including the newly-released The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power because white Americans object to the “woke” use of black actors to play hobbits.

Forget the mark of the beast new tech just needs your paw print
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So that is one conspiracy consigned to the dustbin

Amazon has announced an expansion of its palm-reading payments service, Amazon One, which will come to a range of new Whole Foods stores, and while it will not tell your fortune it does kill off a long standing conspiracy myth parading as Biblical prophecy .

Amazon will know all about your home
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IRobot will spill the beans 

Amazon has just written a $1.7 billion cheque for the robotic vacuum maker iRobot which might be providing the online bookseller with details about your home.  

Amazon admits that the union case against it is stronger
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It is better to spend money on politicans than actually making workforce happy

A leaked memo shows that Amazon admits that the union case against it is strong, but thinks it is better to follow the Amercian way and spend money bribing establishing and deepen "relationships with key policymakers and community stakeholders" and improve "Amazon's overall brand.

Alexi allows you to speak to the dead
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Is there any body there? 

Amazon's digital assistant has come up with a tool which will be a big hit amongst necromancers. 

Amazon snaps up One Medical
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While Apple is claiming it is a big name in the health industry because people are using its smart watches Amazon is really becoming a big name by acquiring the US private health network One Medical for US$3.9 billion.