Microsoft sacrifices promising Andromeda to Android monster
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Where is Perseus when you need him?

Software King of the World Microsoft has abandoned plans for its own mobile operating system.

Apple thinks annoying teens will get them to switch from Android
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How to make your users even more annoying by turning them into bullies

Fruity cargo cult Apple thinks that its colour coding of SMS messages will force teens to switch from Android to Apple.

Google shows off car unlocking
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With your phone

Google used the annual CES technology conference to showcase upcoming deeper ties among its devices and preview support for unlocking more cars with Android phones.

Apple stops fanboys stalking Android girls
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They will have to find a new way now

Fruity cargo cult Apple seems rather concerned that its fanboys are using AirTags to stalk those with Android operating systems.

Apple rapes your privacy as much as Android
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So much for that myth

While Apple fanboys and the Tame Apple Press go on about how the fruity cargo cult being better for your privacy than Android, it seems that this is just spin.

Google fined for blocking Android customisation
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Search engine not having a good year

South Korea's antitrust regulator has fined Alphabet Google $176.64 million for blocking customised versions of its Android operating system.

Apple can't interest Android users
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They have seen what life is like without Jobs' Mob

The fruity cargo cult also known as Apple has little chance of attracting Android users with its unlucky iPhone 13 model, according to a new SellCell survey. 

Android is on 3 billion devices
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Google announces

There are over three billion active Android devices in the wild now, according to Sameer Samat, VP of product management at Google.

Google is tracking Android phones
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Claims Austrian 

An Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems (pictured) has filed a complaint against Google in France alleging that the US tech giant is illegally tracking users on Android phones without their consent.

Gates likes Android’s more open nature
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Plays with an iPhone but uses Android

Software King of the World Sir William Gates has angered Apple fanboys by effectively describing the iPhone as a toy.