Google and Apple forced to open app stores
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At least in South Korea

Google and Apple will have to open their app stores to alternative payment systems in South Korea threatening their lucrative commissions on digital sales.

Apple cult censors staff
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01 September 2021

Apple cult censors staff

Thou shalt not talk about pay equity, thou mayest talk about cute cats 

Apple has barred employees from creating a Slack channel to discuss pay equity while giving them the thumbs up to talk about cats. 

Apple can't interest Android users
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They have seen what life is like without Jobs' Mob

The fruity cargo cult also known as Apple has little chance of attracting Android users with its unlucky iPhone 13 model, according to a new SellCell survey. 

Apple’s sat phone feature only going to be for emergencies
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If it ever makes the market 

The Tame Apple Press became very moist over the weekend over rumours that the new iPhones were going to have the ability to connect to satellites.

Apple’s App Store changes will not do anything
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Naysayers say nay

Although Apple is making some changes to its App Store policies and setting up a $100 million fund for small developers, critics say that the terms of a class-action settlement don't meaningfully loosen the company's grip on its digital marketplace.

Google pays Apple $15 billion to use its search engine
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Up $5 billion from 2020

Search engine outfit Google has been bribing paying the fruity cargo cult Apple to use its search engine by default in its iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple starts to panic over Fortnite ruling
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Already loosening up restrictions

Fruity cargo cult Apple seems to be panicking that a court will rule against its glorious app store business model and is trying to loosen things up.

Only Apple is invulnerable to chip shortage
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Which only hurts its rivals

While the chip shortage is canning Apple’s rivals, the fruity cargo cult is laughing all the way to the bank, according to a new report from Wave7.

Apple admits spying on users' email since 2019
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More embarrassment from the antitrust court case

While fruity cargo cult Apple was lecturing the world about user privacy it was secretly scanning iCloud Mail for kiddie porn without telling anyone.