Business users get their paws on Watson
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To build Mobile AI for the great unwashed

IBM has launched Watson Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant for businesses to package to consumers.

IBM builds smallest computer
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Can't touch this

IBM has been showing off what it calls the world's smallest computer.

IBM wants total power in the datacentre
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All your datacentres should belong to Big Blue

IBM is quietly confident that its new POWER chip can sweep ARM and x86 out of the datacentre market.

IBM settles trade secrets case with Microsoft
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Ending chief diversity of option

IBM has settled a trade secrets lawsuit it brought against its former chief diversity officer who left for a similar job at Microsoft.

IBM puts AI supercomputer in space
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Open the bay doors, HAL. I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave

For a long time there was a myth that the AI supercomputer in 2001 space oddessy was called HAL because it was code for IBM (the letters shifted by one) and while that was denied, it now appears that Big Blue is set to take its  IBM supercomputer AI tech  to the International Space Station.

IBM and Unity use Watson AI for games
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Star Trek Bridge Crew and AR and VR games

It is not every day when heavyweight of the Artificial Intelligence market, IBM, announces that its Watson AI will end up in the Unity engine targeting future AR and VR games.

MIT comes up with a new power saving neural chip
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IBM declares it a "a huge step forward"

MIT boffins have emerged from their smoke filled labs with a neural network chip that could reduce the power consumption of devices by 95 percent.

IBM sues over diversity head-hunt
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Resigned to compete claim

Biggish Blue has sued its former executive Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, who was named Microsoft new chief diversity officer over the weekend, alleging violation of a one-year non-competitive agreement.

IBM revenue rises
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19 January 2018

IBM revenue rises

First time in 23 quarters

IBM's revenue rose for the first time in 23 quarters, beating Wall Street estimates and indicating that the company is back, thanks mostly to its cloud ambitions.

IBM and Maersk team up on blockchain-based company
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Blockchain for shipping and supply

IBM and Danish transport and logistics company Maersk are teaming up to create an as yet unnamed Blockchain-based shipping and supply chain company.