Samsung dumps headphone jack in smartphones
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Galaxy Note 10 leak shows

Samsung has been one of the only large smartphone manufacturers to insist on keeping the headphone jack in its flagship phones. But that is about to come to an end with the Galaxy Note 10.

Nvidia admits TSMC and Samsung both making next gen GPU
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Rumours were partly true

The graphics chip maker named after a Roman vengeance demon, Nvidia has confirmed that its next-generation GPU will continue to be produced by TSMC and Samsung.

Samsung in hot water down under
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You can't swim with them you drongos

Australia’s consumer watch-dingo has come to the raw prawn and sued Samsung’s Aussie unit for misleading consumers by promoting water-resistant Galaxy smartphones as suitable to use in swimming pools and the surf.

Samsung expected to lose half its profits
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Huawei embargo to blame

Samsung Electronics is likely to say second quarter profit more than halved when it reports preliminary earnings thanks to a drop in memory chip shipments to China’s Huawei.

Samsung confirms Galaxy Unpacked 2019 for August 7th
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Galaxy Note10 as the star of the show

Although the cat was out of the bag earlier, Samsung has now confirmed its next Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event for August 7th, where we expect it to unveil the new Galaxy Note10 smartphones.

Nvidia reaches chip deal with Samsung
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Will produce next-generation chips

Nvidia has confirmed it is going to rely on Samsung Electronics to produce next-generation GPUs and has signed a foundry cooperation agreement with the world’s largest chipmaker.

Samsung sorts out its folds
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Ready to release soon

Samsung said it is nearly ready to release its new foldable phones,  after delaying the launch because Apple friendly reviewers destroyed their phones by refusing to follow the instructions.

Intel not outsourcing 14nm Rocket Lake to Samsung
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Too much like hard work

The dark satanic rumour mill has been manufacturing a hell on earth yarn claiming that Samsung was negotiating with Chipzilla to produce its 14nm CPUs.

And the winner of the US-China trade war is Samsung
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Thanks, Donald

Samsung smartphones will be the real winner of the US-China trade war which will damage Apple and Huawei.

AMD goes back to mobile with Samsung
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Signs a partnership for RDNA graphics architecture and more

AMD and Samsung have announced a surprising "strategic partnership" which will give Samsung access to custom graphics IP based on AMD's new RDNA graphics architecture for use in mobile devices as well as access to other AMD technologies.