Mediatek announces SoC with an integrated 5G modem
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7nm with ARM's new Cortex-A77 CPU/Mali-G77 GPU

Mediatek has made quite a surprising announcement as its new SoC will be the first to use ARM's new SOC design with Cortex-A77 CPU cores and Mali-G77 GPU, as well as an integrated 5G modem.

Google loses three key SoC mobile engineers
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Pixel own in house SoC dream dies

Google has reportedly lots three of its key hardware engineers that gave the iPhone A series chip its edge. Manu Gulati, John Bruno and Vinod Chamarty waved Google goodbye, the departure caused by the lack of Google’s ambition to build a serious mobile SoC platform.  Apple will have an easier time to complete, now.

MediaTek and Qualcomm upgrade Mobile SoCs
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Advanced process nodes for 2019

MediaTek and Qualcomm are moving to fabricate their next-generation mobile SoCs with advanced process nodes which will support more advanced technologies.

Apple set to SOC it to 'em, baby
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If you go it alone, you make more money

A senior analyst predicted at a conference in Barcelona today that following its success on the processor front, it is only a matter of time before Apple creates its own system on a chip (SOC), bypassing suppliers in its egostructure (sic).

Apple A12 bionic 7nm detailed
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6-core CPU 4-core GPU and a lot of AI

Apple’s A12 Bionic is the name of the most important chip inside the iPhone Xs and Xs Max and Xr detailed here. Make no mistake, this is the first to ship 7nm but not the first to sample or be announced, it is actually the third. As believers in the Apple religion don’t care about features unless they have it in their beloved iPhones, they don’t care about the rest of the world.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 benchmark shows up
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A significant step forward in Geekbench 4

The press usually relies too much on benchmarks but they at least tell you that a subject A is better or worse than subject B. The recently posted GeekBench of Snapdragon 855 shows that the new 7nm SoC from Qualcomm scores much better than its predecessor.

Qualcomm samples next gen 7nm platform
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Snapdragon Takes Aim at 5G with 7nm SoC

Qualcomm just sent out the official press release saying it has started sampling its next generation mobile platform for consumers in 7nm. This 7nm platform can be paired with Snapdragon X50 5G modem creating the first 5G capable mobile platform for premium tier smartphones and other mobile devices.  

ARM notebook future leans on 5G
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Always connected at 7nm and 5nm

ARM has already shared with the press and analyst that the company expects to ship Cortex A76 based products in both 10 and 7nm in late 2018/early 2019, but now it has disclosed a few more details about its 7nm Deimos and 7/5nm Hercules parts.

AMD makes a semi-custom SoC for China market
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Updated: Could be perfect for a living room PC

AMD has announced a new semi-custom SoC at ChinaJoy, based on Zen CPU cores and Vega graphics, which was created for ??? Subor company and its new console/PC, expected to launch in late-August.

Non 5G Kirin 980 is Cortex A75 in 7nm
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5G Focus on AI 

Huawei has its Kirin chips for its phones and later this year it plans to launch its first 7nm TSMC based Kirin 980.