Sony celebrates Playstation 4 5th anniversary
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New COD: Black Ops 4 bundle and some stats so far

Sony is celebrating the fifth birthday of the Playstation 4 and has both announced a  new bundle and revealed some numbers regarding the aging console.

Cloud depends on magnetic tape
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The more things change, the more they stay the same

New cloud technology is still largely dependant on century old magnetic tape, and unfortunately, there are not the makers around that there used to be.

Sony finally admits it does not own Bach
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Promises to stop suing those who play with their G string

Music publishing company Sony has finally admitted that it does not really own the entire works of Bach and will stop suing those who insist on playing his pieces. 

Sony unveils flagship Xperia XZ3 at the IFA 2018 show
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First Sony's OLED smartphone coming in September

As expected and rumored earlier, Sony has unveiled its newest flagship at the IFA 2018 show in Berlin, the Xperia XZ3 with a six inch curved OLED screen and using the Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Sony’s smartphone business shrinks by half
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In other news, Sony still has a smartphone business

The latest earnings report from Sony indicates the company's already tiny smartphone business has shrunk by almost half.

Sony announces new IMX586 smartphone camera sensor
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48-megapixels coming to phones in September

Sony has announced its latest CMOS sensor for smartphones, the 48-megapixel IMX586, which should start showing up in smartphones as early as September 2018.

Sony H8526 gives glimpse of Snapdragon 855
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Double single score performance since SD 835

Sony has a very tight relationship with Qualcomm and it is one of the early adopters and 4G MIMO innovators in the market. The last H8526 codenamed device has shown up at Geekbench and performed some 30 percent faster than Snapdragon 845 powered XZ2 phones.

Sony becomes a super publisher
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Gains control of EMI

Sony said on Tuesday it would pay about $2.3 billion to gain control of EMI, becoming the world's largest music publisher in an industry that has found new life on the back of streaming services.

Sony giving up on consumer gadgets
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Fed up with working for peanuts 

Kenichiro Yoshida, who took over as chief executive officer in April, has had enough of working for peanuts in the consumer gadgets market and has announced a glorious three year plan to make cash from gaming subscriptions and entertainment.

Qualcomm is ready for Android P
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Snapdragon 845, 660 and 636

Qualcomm announced that it plans to fully support Android P on select Snapdragon mobile platform. Having early access, that enabled Qualcomm to optimize its software on Snapdragon 845, 660 and 636 mobile platforms to ensure readiness for OEMs to upgrade to Android P at the time of launch.