Twitter is highjacked by a small number of bots
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Spreading Fake news

Hopes that Twitter might police its network for fake news were dashed when it a new report revealed that a small number of bots could overwhelm its fact checkers.

Online firms face EU fine if extremist posts up for an hour
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Take down will have to be rapid

The European Union’s chief executive on Wednesday proposed fining Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms if they fail to remove extremist content within one hour.

Trump lashes out at Google
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News is a tricky business

Donald Trump has taken a swipe at giant search engine Google, accusing it of being the peddler of what he likes to describe as fake news.

Intel Gaming offers @AMDRyzen an 8086K CPU
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Twitter wars

Intel found its sense of humor and offered to send @AMDRyzen twitter account, a brand-new Core i7 8086K.

Change your Twitter passwords
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Once more into the breach

Twitter urged its more than 330 million users to change their passwords after a glitch caused some to be stored in readable text on its internal computer system rather than disguised by a process known as “hashing”.

Social media is injurious to your health
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Tax Twitter and Facebook?

The CEO of Salesforce thinks that social media  should be treated as severely as some countries treat smoking tobacco, he said today at the World Economic Forum in exclusive Swiss resort Davos.

Obama warns against social media
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Interviewed by a British "royal", he spills the beans

The ex president of the United States of America has hit out at what he described this morning as the "irresponsible" use of social media.

Comedy US FCC boss rants about social media
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No net benefit to American society could be the next thing to go

Comedy Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai thinks that there is a conspiracy by ISPs to rule the world and is dismantling net neutrality to put them in their place, but now he has another cunning plan – getting rid of social media.

Trust US, social media corporations say
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Opinion Well, let’s take that with a pinch of salt

The leading social media companies in the world - all American mega corporations - have pledged to suppress so-called “fake news” and replace the stories with “geek news”.

Twitter will make tweets longer
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Trump rants to get longer

Microblogging website Twitter which only allows 140 character tweets, said on Tuesday it would roll out 280 character tweets to users across the world.