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TinyBox tizzy

by on12 March 2024

AMD's Radeon woes spark a Twitter tantrum

TinyBox, the plucky little AI server that could, has hit a snag that's more than just a glitch.

The $15,000 AI whizz, powered by AMD's Radeon RX 7900 XTX, promised to give Nvidia's H100 a run for its money. 

However, according to Techradar, it seems the TinyBox team has hit a bug-ridden roadblock. The tiny titan's creators, Tiny Corp, took to Twitter in a fury, lambasting AMD's AI acceleration toolkit. In a cheeky move, they even tagged AMD's rivals, Nvidia and Intel, stirring up a silicon showdown.

AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, stepped into the fray, assuring that her team was on the case. But Tiny Corp wasn't having any of it, firing off a fresh flurry of tweets demanding AMD "fix their basic s*t" and daring the tech giant to open source its firmware.

They're ready to roll up their sleeves, tackle the LLVM spilling bug, and craft a fuzzer for HSA themselves if AMD won't step up to the plate.

The drama escalated as Su tweeted a thank you for the "collaboration and feedback," promising a solution was on the way. But this olive branch might backfire.

Su's stepping in could spark a backlash for supporting consumer products in an enterprise server setting.

As the tech community watches with bated breath, one commenter on Tom's Hardware, jlake3, pointed out the irony: TinyBox, armed with consumer cards, seems to be gunning for datacentre-level service. They received a firmware fix faster than you can say "reboot," and a call with AMD's engineers the very next day. That's VIP treatment for a startup that hasn't even shipped 100 servers yet!

Nvidia’s EULA strictly forbids using GeForce products for data centre CUDA applications. So, if TinyBox were thinking of getting close to Nvidia, they might just get a call from a lawyer instead of tech support.


Last modified on 12 March 2024
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