Apple 7, 8, 10, Xs and Xr infringe Qualcomm patent
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Judge recommends ban on some iPhones

ITC Judge MaryJoan McNamara has declared some verdicts. Apple is infringing one of three patents and she recommends a ban on iPhones manufactured in China being imported into the USA. This is a hardware patent 674 and it doesn’t look that there is a quick workaround.

Qualcomm on verge of Apple resolution
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CEO Steve Mollenkopf confirms

In a chat with CNBC, Qualcomm’s CEO confirmed that it and Apple are on the doorstep of a resolution of  multi quarter licensing related issues. What CNBC didn’t tell you is that Apple doesn’t want to pay Qualcomm a tiny amount of money as it wants a special and favorable deal.  

Qualcomm allowed to quiz Apple's Eddy Cue and Chief Executive Tim Cook
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Could prove crucial

A court has allowed Qualcomm to depose Apple services chief Eddy Cue in addition to Chief Executive Tim Cook as part of its case against the fruity cargo cult

Employers must tell staff before they snoop
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Staff must not have their privacy violated

Autocratic bosses who love to read their employees emails without telling them have been told to cut it out by the  European Court of Human Rights.

DoJ demands IP addresses of those who don't like Trump
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Warrants issued for most of America

The US government wants the IP addresses of anyone who visited an anti-Trump website.

EU court will not rule on Intel antitrust case until next year
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Gives it time to save up a bit

Europe's top court is unlikely to rule on Intel’s appeal against a record 1.06 billion euro EU antitrust fine until next year

Apple "lied" to customers about legal rights
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Because it is such a cool, user-friendly company

Australia's consumer watchdog has carried out an investigation into the fruity, tax-dodging cult Apple and found that its staff lie to customers about their legal rights.

Spammer and journalist face off in court
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Ugly case

River City Media, the company accused of running a huge spam operation, has filed a lawsuit against the security researcher and the journalist who exposed its antics.

Lawyer admits smut scam
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Made him millions

A law school graduate told a court that he discovered a wizard wheeze to make a lot of cash fast which involved accusing people who used the internet of downloading illegal porn

Apple broke iOS6 to force iOS7 upgrade
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Class action

The fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple borked its iOS 6 operating system to force users to upgrade to iOS 7, a US court has been told.