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Pat Gelsinger leaves Intel

by on15 September 2009


CEO candidate goes to EMC

Pat Gelsinger
now former senior vice president and co-general manager of Intel Corporation's Digital Enterprise Group has left Intel.

This shocking news got confirmed today and Gelsinger was supposed to be one of the key people to speak to IDF next week. It looks like that things got happened faster than Intel would like them to and Gelsingers departure might be the part of big restructuring that Intel wants to put in place. Fudzilla wanted to set a meeting with Gelsinger late last week or early this week, but the official PR channel never autorised it, probably due the fact that they knew about his soon to happen departure.

The other guy to leave Intel is Bruce Sewell, Intel's top lawyer was the face of Antitrust campaign that the company lost against EU, and we would not be surprised if he was asked to leave. Gelsinger’s was rumored to be the key person behind Larrabee project, but this is just a hot lead from the Silicon valley and not the hard fact at this point. 

Kicking Pat, how Mr Mike Magee called him, is leaving to join EMC company as president and chief operating officer for information infrastructure products. We heard the story at sight literally a few miles from Intel but we got or confirmation here. Glesinger who joined back in1979 is ready for a new adventure after 30 years of Pentiums and cores.

We contacted Intel’s PR department but at press time we could not get a hold of anyone.
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