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Anonymous declares war on Capitalism

by on18 March 2011

Antidisestablishmentarianism goes online
The hacker group "Anonymous" has decided to target the private central banking system and bring down capitalism.

The outfit has called for the dawning of "Operation Empire State Rebellion" against organisations that participate in what they termed the "control" of large populations through pieces of paper and bits of data. It wants US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's to clean out his desk.

Bringing down the Western System of government does seem a little out of the reach of the outfit. It did some damage to mastercard, but it does seem to be a bit out of its league with this call.

It is currently in hotwater with the Department of Defense which is opening an investigation into "Anonymous" after someone allegedly threatened to release the personal information of soldiers guarding Pvt. Bradley Manning. The Pentagon has noted that "Anonymous" sought to interfere with communications at the Quantico, Virginia military base where Manning was being held.

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