Intel says it can make better chips than Apple
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Will win the company back

The Tame Apple Press is furious with Intel’s Kicking Pat Gelsinger after he dared to point out that Intel could make better chips than the fruity cargo cult.

Philips slashes sales
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18 October 2021

Philips slashes sales

Global supply chain issues

Dutch health technology company Philips cut its outlook for sales and profit growth this year and said the global supply chain problems that added to its growing list of worries in the third quarter would likely intensify.

Foxconn releases three electric car prototypes
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Keen to drive away from Apple dependence 

Foxconn unveiled its first three electric vehicle prototypes, which are being seen as part of its ambitious plans to diversify away from its role of building consumer electronics for Apple.

Boeing 737 boss arrested
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Pleads not guilty to lying over safety issues

Mark Forkner, Boeing’s 737 Max chief technical pilot during the aircraft’s development, has been charged with misleading aviation regulators about safety issues blamed for two fatal crashes of the 737 Max.

Moon will get its own internet
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Expect more lunatics online

Before humanity gets its act together and goes to the Moon in 2024, NASA will have built an internet system to ensure astronauts have a good connection.