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Nvidia increases 40nm orders

by on24 May 2009


Wants 28nm from TSMC in early 2010

Since Jensen already said that Nvidia will transition to 40nm in 2009, and that we can expect some 20 to 30 percent of the company's chips to be 40nm by late 2009, it is not surprising that it is is placing more orders for 40nm chips from TSMC.

Everyone is focusing on the GT300, the next generation high-end chip. In the meantime, the company's first 40nm products are just around the corner as it plans to launch them in just a weeks time at Computex.These chips are for the mobile market segment.

Nvidia has high hopes on its mobile 40nm and later this year we should see more 40nm chips that will replace the 55nm desktop ones that are currently holding the company's market dominance, at least in most of the market segments.

Nvidia also wants to be the prime customer of TSMC´s 28nm half-node that is scheduled for an early 2010 start.

The same article indicates that GT300 40nm has been taped out and you can read it here.
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