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Musk’s brain chip borked

by on10 May 2024

And he can’t turn it off and turn it on again

Elon [look at me] Musk’s attempt to put a computer chip into a person’s brain ran into trouble when the chip borked.

His company, Neuralink's first attempt at sticking its chip in someone's noggin, hit a snag when the gizmo started to come loose from the patient's brain.

The bloke in question, Noland Arbaugh, had the op back in February to get the Neuralink chip fitted in his head, but not long after, the thing started to lose its mojo. It turns out that some of the tiny threads that linked the chip to the brain were backing out. Neuralink's keeping schtum about why the chip started to back out of Arbaugh's brain, but they've said in a blog post that their boffins have tweaked the implant and got it working again.

There might be some concern with the device, as the death rate among primates who tested the chip was also rather high, but Musk was not going to let that sort of thing bother him—after all, he is not putting a chip in his brain.

The dip in the chip's powers didn't seem to bother Arbaugh, and he was still able to play chess on the computer just by thinking about it, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal added that they even considered yanking the implant out when they clocked the problem.

Arbaugh claimed the implant in a demo in March, saying it's "already changed his life," even though it's not been all plain sailing and they've "run into some issues."


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