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Intel hints at price cuts

by on20 March 2007


Massive cuts in Q3



Intel seems to be planning significant price cuts in its Core 2 Quad processor later this year. We already reported about here  but our friends at confirmed that the price of the 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Quad will be cut by 70 percent from $851 to $266 in the third quarter.

Intel has confirmed that it is planning a price cut, but is refusing to say how much. TG Daily could only get Intel's Public Relations Manager Dan Snyder to say that "price cuts are a normal part of this industry."

Intel has been talking about using quad-core for gaming, but to do that it will have to drop the price to compete.

It is expected that solid news of a price cut will be made in September but the first price drop is expected in late April already.


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