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Planet rents dual Clowertown server

by on26 March 2007
Eight cores and 24 GB of memory

If you have the money the favourite server provider, the Planet has some awaresome servers. It just included Dual Clowertown served in its offer.

The cheapest option includes 8 GB of memory, two quad Cores Clowertown CPU's and 4000 GB of bandwidth. The commodity of this eight core server with 8 GB of memory and eight SCSI hard drives will cost $1100 a month.

If you go crazy and take 24 GB of memory and pick an option or two you will end up paying close to $2000 a month to rent this beast. We are sure that this will be great for any kind of business you are running. This is the fastest server you can buy today at least till Barcelona and Harpertown comes in game.

The only part it sucks with Planet is that you can not figurate out which Clowertown CPU are you getting for the money, or at least it is not that easy. You can check more details here.


Last modified on 26 March 2007
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