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GDDR memory prices to go up

by on06 May 2008


Memory makers are shitfing focus

According to Digitimes, prices of GDDR memory are expected to increase, as memory manufacturers in Taiwan are shifting their focus over to other products, more specifically notebook SO-DIMM's. How much of an overall market impact this will have is hard to say.

Considering that the large GDDR manufacturers are all Korean companies such as Samsung and Hynix, or global companies such as Qimonda, we doubt that this will have a huge impact for the bigger graphics card manufacturers.

However, the smaller companies that focus on budget graphics cards might run into some trouble, as some of the Taiwanese manufacturers are expected to run out of inventory by the middle of this month. This might result in a slight price increase in the lower end of the market, but it's hard to predict how things will move.

Some of these companies might still have stock, especially as it wasn't too long ago that Samsung was dumping cheap DDR2 modules onto the market, which upset many of the Taiwanese manufacturers. Time will tell what kind of an impact this will have, but we're fairly sure that the high-end and even upper mid-range cards won't be affected by this.

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