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X25-E SSD 256GB planned in Q2

by on26 August 2009


34nm dominance

Intel is getting ready to quadruple the storage on its fastest SSD drive, the X25-E.

The X25-E is an SLC drive and comes really fast but it currently it only exists as 32GB or 64GB drive. Since there are no plans for first generation 34nm Y25-E drives, you will have to wait until Q2 2010 to see these bigger drives. Intel plans to introduce 128GB as well as a gigantic 256GB SLC drive.

We believe that they will end up very expensive, but if you need performance and excellent write and read times, this will be the device for you. The current generation in 50nm, and it delivers up to 250MB read and up to 170MB write, so the next generation of 34nm drives should be even faster but we still don’t know the numbers.

Last modified on 26 August 2009
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