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Foxconn heads for IPC

by on09 March 2007
We want industrial PC manufacturer

Foxconn is considering buying up Ipox Technology which is an affiliate of IPC maker Portwell. IPC stands for Industrial PC and these machines are very populars in verious factories. We are talking about a normal PC but just made for more robust conditions.


While neither side is commenting on its plans, it is being seen as being part of a trend  for motherboard makers and PC vendors to tap the IPC production. The answer on question why is rather simply as the average selling price of IPC is significantly bigger than the average selling price of a normal PC.


The motherboard makers like the high margins of IPC and related application sales, as well as by the falling margins in their own industry. The motherboard makers are still cash rich and can afford to buy into the IPC companies which are still developing. The margines in selling motherboard only are incredibly low sometimes not more than one percent if not even less.


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