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MSI P35 can hit DDR3 at 1778 MHz

by on07 May 2007


P35 Diamond MS-7356 can do it

A source confirmed that MSI tested its high end P35 Diamond MS-7356 board and it can make DDR3 work at 1778 MHz. The board officially supports DDR 3 800 and 1066 but it works with 1333 MHz memory.

You will have to use the 1333 MHz FSB for the CPU, a 1:2.67 ratio and you will be able to get the DDR3 memory at a magnificent 1778 MHz. the 1:2 ratio in combination with the FSB at 1333 MHz will get you to 1333 MHz.

We will try this as soon as this board is out and we get our hands on some DDR3 memory. We hope this will happen soon. Well here is a picture of what the board can do.


Last modified on 07 May 2007
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