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HP-Intel designs of laptops for women emerge

by on01 April 2009


Not all laptops are created equal


Designer Nikita Buyanov has been commissioned by HP and Intel to design laptops for women, and although many a feminist would object to such classification of laptops, we just happened to like the designs a lot.

Talking about potential components is useless, as we’re not sure whether any of these will ever see the light of day, and despite the great design somehow we have a feeling that they will stay in concept phase. Furthermore, one of the designs even features a nail-on printer, something we’re not sure in which range we’d put it, and a screen mode called “mirror” for which you can imagine what it does.

The concept we happened to like was HP Mama, which in our opinion has a great color scheme and is clearly developed with moms in mind. It should be unbreakable, although we’d never say something is unbreakable, unsinkable and comes with two Bluetooth cameras and an amplifier for videotracking the children. It also comes with a bracelet that should probably function as an alarm device or something similar.

You can check out all the designs here.


Last modified on 01 April 2009
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