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Asus to launch new 11,6-inch netbook

by on04 May 2009


And a few CULVs on the side

Asus is planning to launch a new 11.6-inch Eee PC this month, and it will also launch several CULV-based notebooks later in the year.

According to Asus president Jerry Shen, the 11.6-inch Eee PC should account for about 30 percent of total netbook shipments, while 10-inch models will make up 50 percent of total shipments.

Two CULV-based notebooks are coming in July. The 15.6-inch XS15, priced at 799 to 999 euro, and a 13.3-inch unit priced at 599 to 699 euro. They will be followed by a 14-inch model later in the year.

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