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Nvidia's GF 104 has eight clusters

by on14 July 2010

One disabled, 384 shaders possible
Nvidia's GTX 460 is the latest generation Fermi successor and this mainstream chip is showing some promising performance for a $199 card. The card that was reviewed here and all the hardware community iz abuzz with talk that it has 336 shaders, or seven clusters with 48 shaders each.

Since the GF104 chip has eight shader clusters you can expect that at some point the company might launch a faster version of GF104 with total of 384 shaders and most likely higher clock. This will probably happen once it runs out of GTX 465 stocks.

The cards based on this GPU in our test easily overclock to 870MHz, a good 200MHz over the default 675MHz which shows there's a chance for Geforce a GTX 460 „Ultra“ card something that will jeopardise the performance of GTX 465. We are not sure when this chip comes out, most probably when Nvidia runs out of GTX 465 Fermi based chips, but at least we know that it is in the plans.

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