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First Fusion has Bobcat core

by on19 July 2010
Atom competition
The first Fusion will most likely appear in the first half of 2011 and it will be based on the 32nm version of AMD's Bobcat core. This is an Atom competitor and it’s not a high performance core, but with the push of quite fast graphics, it should have what it needs to give Intel at least some competition.

We have heard that this core got taped out quite some time ago and AMD has even shown it to some press at Computex back in June. However, it probably won’t start shipping in volume until the first half of 2011.

We have seen some documents claiming that some samples and limited availability might come as early as December, but these things tend to change on a monthly basis.

The Fusion with a tweaked K10.5 32nm core comes only at some point in 2011, and its not clear does it comes in first or second part of the year. Sandy Bridge, Intel’s 32nm native Fusion, will definitely ship before, but again bear in mind that AMD’s graphics performance is going to be massively better.

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