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New PSP isn’t exciting developers

by on27 October 2010

Piracy concerns just don’t make it worth it
While Sony is said to be showing off its prototype of the new PSP2, developers that we spoke with are having a difficult time getting excited about it. The lack of excitement has to do with continued piracy concerns on the previous PSP platform.

“The problem is that the handhelds just have too high of a piracy rate and despite strides that Sony has made dealing with the problem, it just doesn’t seem that PSP titles are worth developing.” This echoed concerns that we heard from other developers as well.

Another developer told us “Sony would have to have a much improved and robust strategy of dealing with piracy before I think out studio would be really excited in developing for the handheld market again. We have actually had better luck with projects we have done for the iPhone/iPod Touch than we have had with either the Nintendo or Sony handhelds.”

While Sony has not told developers specifics, the PSP2 like the up coming 3DS is said to employ a much more robust system to deal with piracy this time around. Of course the company has apparently not gotten too far into the specifics yet.
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