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Cayman might not make it for 22nd Nov launch

by on05 November 2010

No final bios, cards, partners grumpy
Sources on a small island that doesn’t get along well with red China are informing us that Cayman has little chance to make the scheduled November 22nd launch.

The situation doesn’t look good as the final chip never made it to partners and the final boards are not ready yet. Partners do have early samples, but our sources assured us that there is no final bios and that drivers are not ready.

Just to assure you that this is not Nvidia talking, these guys are all unhappy as they were supposed to get some good sales numbers over the holiday season, as quite a few of people are excited about Cayman.

As of today, November 5th, at least some of the mayor players have no cards, no final bios and no drivers. They are saying the way things worked in the past they would have a small miracle to have full availability at launch. Of course, it's possible that the launch will proceed as expected, but availability is the key issue at this point.

We are sure that many will burn the messenger, but there is nothing we can do about it. We can only hope that we will see some Cayman cards selling in December.
Last modified on 05 November 2010
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