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Razer announces its 7-inch handheld concept

by on06 January 2011

Atom powered Switchblade

It looks like Razer, a company that has always surprised us with its peripheral products, is planning to make a move into a new market segment - handheld gaming devices.

The Switchblade, as Razer decided to brand this one, is a 7-inch Atom powered handheld that has a 7-inch multi-touch display and a small keyboard that can be customized depending on the game that you are running.

Since we are talking about Intel's Atom CPU, we guess that serious gaming is off the table, but Switchblade looks decent and we certainly won't doubt the quality of Razer's products. Of course, Razer was perfectly clear that we are looking at a concept design and that Switchblade might not even come out for that matter, but one can never know.

On the spec side of things, the Switchblade features a USB 3.0 port, mini HDMI output, WiFi and 3G connectivity and the mentioned Intel Atom CPU.

It's a nice concept that might find a buyer or two especially considering that it runs on Windows 7 and can be used for more than just basic gaming. However, taking into account the fact that market will soon be filled with a bunch of tablets, we doubt that it will have much success.

You can check out the video of Switchblade in action below.




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