Tremont 10nm mobile and desktop detailed
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Pentium and Celeron in laptops and desktops in 2021

What we used to call Atom will continue to be known as Pentium and Celeron in affordable laptops and small form desktop computers coming in 2021.

Intel Technology Day - all announcements made
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SuperFin 10nm, high-end Xe graphics, new Core, Tiger lake, and more.

Technology Day online can work, and it did work well for Intel. Intel engineering team lead by Chief Architect Raja Koduri and Intel fellows have shown us an incredible amount of news wrapped around six pillars of technology innovation.

Volvo to get Intel-based infotainment with Android P OS
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Powered by Intel's Atom Automotive SoC

At the Google I/O conference, Volvo has teamed up with Intel and Google to show its latest infotainment system based on Intel's Atom automotive SoC and running on the latest Android P OS.

Intel's Gemini Lake to ship by late Q1 2018
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New "Atom“ notebooks / tablets

Intel canceled quite a few tablet and smartphone products from its roadmap but it is clear that it still needs a successor to Atom – the Apollo Lake product generation.

Intel spills the beans on Atom C3000
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Network not Netbook chips

Chipzilla has released a few details on its Atom C3000, and unlike previous flavours of Atom these are being tipped for the network rather than home use.

Intel sued over over-heating phones
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Things got too hot in Brazil

Chipzilla wasted a fortune trying to arrive into the smartphone chip making business too late, and not it looks like it will have to shell out a bit more to make its mess go away.

Big Blue put data on an atom
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Not an Intel chip - the other type of atom

Big Blue boffins have managed to read and write data to a single atom.

Intel C3000 Atom chips out
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 May last longer than the 18 months that the C2000s did 

As Intel's Atom division gets buried under a scandal over its C2000s only having an 18 month life expectancy, Chipzilla has released its new Atom CPU 3000 range to replace it.

Intel’s Atom C2000 chip flaw spreads to Juniper
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Cisco already admitted it

It is starting to look like Intel’s Atom C2000 chip fiasco has spread to another networking manufacturer.

Intel’s Puma 6 chip-set falls asleep
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Serious latency problems

One of the world’s most popular chipsets for gigabit broadband modems, Intel's Puma 6 chipset, suffers from at latency jitter so bad it ruins online gaming and other real-time connections.