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HP and RIM bank on an unstable Android 3.0

by on11 April 2011

It might just pay off
Tablet players HP and RIM might actually do OK in the tablet wars because Android 3.0 is currently unstable. According to Digitimes, upstream touch panel players are moaning that Android 3.0 still having several issues that are unable to be resolved immediately and which are causing unstable performance in terms of operation.

This falls into the hands of  HP, which is ready to launch its TouchPad tablet PC with its own OS, webOS, in the second quarter, and RIM, which will soon launch its PlayBook with BlackBerry OS in the middle of April. It goes without saying that Jobs' Mob will be rubbing its collective paws with glee.

Some vendors are still confident about Android 3.0's performance. HTC, which originally set out to launch its Flyer tablet PC using Android 2.3, recently changed its mind and said it will work on adopting Android 3.0 into the devices when launched. Acer, in addition to its already launched Iconia Tab A500 with Android 3.0, is set to launch a 7-inch A100 tablet PC also using Android 3.0 in May.

Time will tell if this gamble will pay off and the tablets remain stable enough to gain market traction.

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