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Kinect to get a gun

by on03 May 2011

Welcome to America
Word on the street is that the busy Voles at Microsoft are working on building a gun for the Kinect.

Everyone knows that it is written into the US constitution that everyone has to carry a gun in the US.  Otherwise you can be mocked for being a liberal communist who is seeking to undermine all that is decent in the Land of the Free. Now it seems that Microsoft thinks the same thing applies to its games console. After all what Kinects a family more than shooting at things on a screen.

Microsoft has just opened a new studio in Vancouver dedicated to developing projects for "core" gamers. One of the references on the resume of one of the team members indicates that he is working on a "core AAA shooter" for Kinect. It seems that Microsoft wants to work out a way to connect, for want of a better word, with core gamers.

The first goal will be to get the kinect onto the PC, and then with a suitable weapon, the gaming crowd might get interested.
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