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Intel's 710 and 720 SSD series detailed

by on15 June 2011
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Ramsdale 720 series for 2,200MB/s read
The guys from managed to score some details regarding Intel's upcoming 710 series SSD codename Lyndonville and 720 series SSD code name Ramsdale. Although, we already wrote about Lyndonville and Ramsdale SSDs, managed to score some details regarding the actual performance and specs of these two SSD series.

The 710 series, also known as the Lyndonville will be based on 25nm HET MLC NAND flash chips with 64MB of DRAM cache. It will be available in 100, 200 and 300GB capacities and will offer transfer speeds of up to 270MB/s for read and 210MB/s for write. The IOPS performance is set at 36,000 IOPS and 2,400 IOPS for 4K random read and write. It will feature AES-128 encryption and will be packed in a 2.5-inch form factor.

The more interesting is the Ramsdale 720 series that will be available in 200 and 400GB capacities. This one is based on 34nm SLC NAND flash chips with addition of 512MB DRAM cache. As you probably already know, Ramsdale uses PCI-Express interface and according to the specs it will offer read and write performance of up ot 2200MB/s and 1800MB/s. The 4K IOPS performance is set at 180,000 for random read and 56,000 for random write.

According to rumours, the 710 sereis should enter mass production in July while the Ramsdale 720 series should be ready sometimes later in Q3. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the pricing of these models but judging by the specs you can expect the 720 series to cost an arm, leg and probably a good kidney. (Damn it, I've got kidney stones. sub.ed.)

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