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EVGA X79 Classified, a bit more

by on25 October 2011

Picture, mouthwatering spec

Intel is being quiet about Sandy Bridge E, but we’ve already told you everything that needs to be told about these new six core processors where the top one is called Core i7 Extreme 3960X works at 3.3GHz base frequency and overclocks all the way to 3.9GHz on turbo.

The motherboard and chipset of choice are X79 based and EVGA has already shown some images and demonstrated its EVGA X79 Classified board at Geforce LAN. We have a new picture and a few more details about the board.

It supports native 4-way SLI, packs 100 percent POSCAP capacitors, right-angled 24-pin power connector and onboard Bluetooth, something that we rarely see on enthusiast motherboards.

We see a single PCI slot that can do well for some older devices and a PCIe 1X as well. The board is capable of accommodating 4 DDR3 memory modules.

The board and the rest of the Sandy Bridge E platform should launch in November. The picture is below.


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