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BF3 sells 5 million globally

by on01 November 2011

EA ships 10 million to strong sales

Word is that Electronic Arts has already shipped 10 million copies of Battlefield 3 out the door; internal estimates suggest that retailers globally have sold over 5 million copies and the game is still selling at a brisk pace, according to game retailers that we spoke with. The actual global sales numbers will not be in for a bit, but the numbers are expected to confirm that it is the fastest selling EA title in the company’s history. DICE claims that all BF3 servers are at 95% capacity and climbing so fast that they are turning up additional servers in regions as necessary to handle the load.

The numbers back up the pre-order estimates that the company was telling everyone about before the game was released. According to analysts that we have spoken with, the game could outpace the projected sales numbers that have been talked about over the past couple of weeks. It is doing well and we also hear whispers that the sales of the PC version are again quite surprising, as they are up and over where EA and DICE thought that they would be at this point in time.

Look for EA to give us some firm sales numbers next week prior to the Modern Warfare 3 launch coming on November 8th in North America.

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