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Four new mobile Celerons in Q1 2012

by on01 November 2011

Two ULV parts

Intel definitely never sleeps and it makes a lot of money from the low-end mobile market, so updates are quite frequent even in this often overlooked market. It wants to make its offer even stronger and it plans to introduce a few new Celerons, with an emphasis on power efficient processors.

The B815 is one of them and it's a dual core with two threads, 1.6GHz processors with no turbo support. This if of course a 35W part and the only difference from currently available B810 is the graphics frequency of 1050MHz, compared to 950MHz on the B810. Not that exciting you will admit. It has 2MB memory and when it launches it will cost $86.

The second new Intel Celeron is B720 a single-core 1.7GHz clocked processor with 1MB cache and no hyper treading or turbo. It will cost $70 when it comes and it will supplant the currently available 1.6GHz Celeron B710.

The third new Celeron is a new ULV 867, a 1.3GHz dual-core that we mentioned here and last but not least is the Celeron Mobile Ultra low voltage 797, a single core with 1.4GHz clock, 1MB cache and $107 launch price. As usual, both of them feature a 17W TDP.

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