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Most developers, professionals gunning for Android

by on18 November 2011

iOS ranks second, WP7 closing in

IBM conducted a rather interesting survey of tech professionals on which mobile platform they were most interested in.

Unsurprisingly, Android came in first, with 70 percent of participants saying they were most interested in Google’s mobile OS. Apple’s iOS ranked second with 49 percent and Windows Phone 7 came in third with 35 percent.

IBM concluded that developers looking to cash in on the mobile market should probably focus on Android. As for Windows, although 35 percent might seem as a bad score, it’s not. The OS is relatively young and it has a meager market share at the moment. However, it has a lot of potential and that’s what the figures indicate.

Apple’s iOS is still going strong, which is not a surprise considering its market share and age. RIM on the other hand is not doing that well, with only 24 percent of participants interested in Blackberry’s OS.

You can download the survey here.

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